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Focusing on what matters

Our focus is on your equipment, its performance, reliability and compliance, regardless of type or brand.

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Total Laboratory instrument service specialists, providing a single source for maintaining and qualifying all brands of Analytical Laboratory equipment.

Our customer focus and wide range of equipment expertise helps drive productivity and manage costs. Labserv’s ‘Uptime Team’ of highly trained engineers deliver improved system performance, rapid resolution to faults and trusted reliability.

Quality affordable support

External support can still sometimes be considered a luxury, but a pro-active approach is essential in protecting your asset investment and maintaining productivity.

Scheduled downtime is far less expensive, than non-scheduled!

Category 1

HPLC & UPLC Liquid Chromatographs, Gas Chromatographs, Mass Spectrometers, UV-Vis Spectrometers.

All major brands; Agilent, Waters, Thermo Dionex, Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu..

Category 2

Dissolution Apparatus USP 1,2 and 4 Testing Prednisone and Salicylic acid Chemical PVT. Mechanical Qualification of an Apparatus 1 and 2 bath MQT as per FDA Guidelines.

All major brands; Sotax, Distek, Hansen, Caleva, Pharmatest, Varian. Agilent…

Category 3

Temperature Mapping, ICH Q1a Guidelines, Stability Cabinets, Fridges, Freezers, Incubators, Ovens.

All major brands; Vankel, Weiss Gallenkamp, Binder, Thermo..

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Category 4

In addition to Chromatography equipment are able to offer direct product support on >95% of all laboratory instruments without subcontracting.  Such as FTIR, Titration, Balances, Water Purification, Pipettes, Centrifuges, conductivity / pH meters.., We provide consistent protocols and procedures (300+) across multiple instrument manufacturers, models and types ( helping ensure audits run smoothly).



Labserv support: HPLC, GC, GC Mass Spec, Dissolution systems, Temperature Apparatus, Spectroscopy Pipettes and many more..

So, our service packages are aimed at:

  • Preventing instrument failures before they occur
  • Ensuring continued reliability of performance
  • Minimising costly repairs
  • Extending the overall life of the instrument
  • Meeting audit compliance requirements.

It’s simple, rather than chasing multiple vendors you only need to make one call!

Single source ….Total Laboratory Solution!!!