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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

HPLC Systems

NLG Labserv is able to provide engineers with over 15 years’ experience of delivering full maintenance, qualification and repair plans on all makes of HPLCs.

Particular areas of expertise include: Agilent, Water, Thermo, Shimadzu, and Dionex

Whilst acquiring their broad scope of expertise in GLP, GMP, FDA, MHRA environments engineers receive direct system training on all hardware, component and software elements of a system. Labserv’s focus is on employing the very best people, including ex-manufacturer specialists, accomplished equipment users from within laboratories and application based chemists.

Routine maintenance work, system validation, fault troubleshooting, telephone assistance and software familiarity are all part of an engineer’s tool bag.

Our global reach for parts has established a plentiful supply of both direct OEM and original supplier routes to fully support engineers in any situation. In addition, our ISO 9001:2008 certificate assures adherence to a quality management system and the setting and meeting of KPI goals.

Scope of routine HPLC work:

1)  Preventative Maintenance (PM)
Electrical tests performed  &  functionality checks carried out.

Furthermore, where applicable;
Pump head, fans, filters and valves are inspected and cleaned.
Pumping mechanism is inspected and lubricated as required.
Guide bars and belts, syringes, needles and filters are inspected and replaced if necessary.
Injection valve and needle assembly examined; drains are checked for blockages.
Flow cell is inspected and cleaned and lamp hours are checked.
Wavelength, cell and energy level tests are carried out and recorded.
Interior of the instrument is cleaned. Fan operation, cooler and leak sensor are inspected.
All lines, nuts and ferrules are inspected, cleaned and replaced as required.

2) Performance Verification  (PV) –  always performed
Flow Check – 2mls/min ( 6 readings per pump )
Pump Leak check
Injector Leak check
Pressure reading 1min
Auto sampler precision (6 Injections <2%)

3) Operational Qualification (OQ) – Enhance audit confidence for highly compliant labs.
Pump flow rate accuracy and precision
Gradient composition, accuracy and linearity
UV/Vis, PDA/DAD and fluorescence detector wavelength accuracy
UV/Vis, PDA/DAD, fluorescence, refractive index, ELS and conductivity response linearity
injection volume precision and carry-over
injection volume linearity
Column oven and tray temperature accuracy

Labserv is one of the markets leading HPLC support organisations in the UK, constanlty striving to offer great value for money whilst maitaining instruments perform at peak efficiency.

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